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Bungee Jump

Trip Overview

Bungee jumping in Nepal is one of the stunning jumps with safety. Bungee jumping is located in Nepal-Tibet border and it is on the 160m drop to Bhote Kosi River.

The  Gorge
Ultimate Bungee Nepal takes place on a 166m wide steel suspension bridge over the Bhoti Kosi River.

About the Bridge

Swiss designed, especially for bungee jumping with a 4x safety factor. The bridge has a loading factor of 250kg per running meter. This means that the bridge will hold 250 x 166 = 41,500kg or 4.5 tones. And. Those are Swiss measurements!
Over 6000 meters of steel wire was used to build the bridge
Longest suspension bridge in Nepal
The bridge joins two sides of a great valley. Before its construction, locals walked five hours to cross this river gorge.

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