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holiday in Nepal with Experienced Guide
Trekking in the rich Buddhist culture, warm-friendly locals, traditional village, land of worlds heritage, high alpine valley's in the shade of the giant peaks of 'Mt.Everest'
Everest base camp
An excellent journey with time to marvel the beauty of the surrounding area and to merge in Khumbu's Sherpa culture, unmatched view point from Kala Pattar (5,545m) with face to face and ever exciting Everest Base Camp which are extraordinaryviewpoints for 4 of the world tallest peak.
Ghorepani Poonhill Trek
Standing on the Red Hill on Beijing C. Road, Lhasa, the Potala Palace is the highest of its kind in the world. The palace was first built in the seventh century and was damaged in the eighth century.
Tibet Overland Tour from Kathmandu to Lhasa
Standing on the Red Hill on Beijing C. Road, Lhasa, the Potala Palace is the highest of its kind in the world. The palace was first built in the seventh century and was damaged in the eighth century. In the 17th century, it was rebuilt by the Fifth Dalai Lama in three years.
This enchanting city has several beautiful lakes and offers stunning panoramic views of Himalayan peaks
Pokhara City Day Tours
This enchanting city has several beautiful lakes and offers stunning panoramic views of Himalayan peaks.............
Holy Gosaikunda Lake
Holy Gosaikunda Lake
"Holy lake Gosaikuda is highest lake from Langtang trekking region and it is surrounded with 108 lakes, small to medium in size. The holy Gosaikunda Lake is sacred among of both Hindus and Buddhists".
Thorung La Pass 5416m - Annapurna Round Trek
Thorung La Pass 5416m - Annapurna Round Trek
Annapurna Circuit is popular as Annapurna Round Trek goes counter clockwise from Besisahar to Nayapul and  Thorung La Pass 5416m though singular combination of delightful thick and lush forests, long array of surrounding ever smiling snowcapped mountains.
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Bhaktapur Durbar Square
Bhaktapur Durbar Square is an assortment of pagoda and shikhara-style temples grouped around a fifty-five-window palace of brick and wood. The square is part of a charming valley as it highlights the idols of ancient kings perched on top of stone monoliths, the guardian deities looking out from their sanctuaries, the wood carvings in very place - struts, lintels, tympanums, gateways and windows - all seem to form a well orchestrated symphony.

The Lion Gate

The massive gate that dates back to 1696 AD is guarded by two huge statues of lions at the either sides. The dreadful stone image of Lord Shiva and the fearful image of Ugrachandi attract the tourists from far off.

The Golden Gate (Sun Dhoka)

The Golden gate is said to be the most beautiful and richly moulded specimen of its kind in the entire world. The door is a embellished with monsters and mythical creatures of marvellous intricacy. The Golden Gate was erected by King Ranjit Malla and is the entrance to the main courtyard of the Palace of fifty-five windows.

The Palace of Fifty Five Windows

Keshav Narayan Chowk is the Northern-most part of the Patan Darbar palace complex, with the dominating Degutale temple next to it. This magnificent palace was built during the reign of King Yakshay Malla in AD 1427 and was subsequently remodeled by King Bhupatindra Malla in the seventeenth century. Among the brick walls with their gracious setting and sculptural design, is a balcony with fifty-five Windows, considered a unique masterpiece of woodcarving.

Pottery Square
Bhaktapur has two famous pottery squares. One is ocated at Talac towards the southern part of he Durbar Square and another one located ate Suryamadhi, to the east of the Dattatraya square. Many potters can be seen working ont their traditional wheels and thousands of finished and semi-finished clay produts lie about in beautiful rows under the sun.Potters and their families can be observed busy in preparing the lumps fo black clay for the final shaping, mending some fo the row clay products or adding finer craftsmanship onto the half sone ones. If one is luck , one can even see how they burn these clay products in teh open traditional kilns for days before the final products are ready. Winthin the Talaco pottery square, two important temples of Vishnu and Ganesh can be seen in a very traditional way. Where as in the other portery square, the shrine of Wakupati Narayan with its beautiful wood carved windows, stone sculptures and a sample piece of the pagoda tempel can be obseved.

Bhairavnath Temple
This temple was first built as a one-storey pagoda but was later changed into a three storey temple in 1718 A.D. by King Bhupatindra Malla. The temple is noted for its artistic grandeur. It is dedicated to Lord Bhairav, the god of terror.Dattatraya Temple :
Built in 1427 A.D., this temple is said to have been built from the trunk of a single tree. Near this temple is a monastery with exquisitely carved peacock window.

Hanuman Ghat
It is religious site for Hindus and Buddhists alike. River banks often used by the local people to burn dead bodies called 'Ghat'. People have the practise of visiting such ghats areas in teh early mornings to wash themselves purifying their body and then to go about visiting temples and images of gods and goddesses, a process of purifying one;s mind and soul. Ghats usually have one or more crematories where the dead bodies are burned to ashes and the ashes in turn are thrown into the rive as a part of Hindu/Buddhist culture. There are several such Ghats in around Bhaktapur. Hunuman Ghat is very popular Ghat in Bhaktapur, it spreads to a larger area with many religious images, objects and structures scattered around in such array that even a non religious perosn would start feeling differently once visiting there. For tourists it is like alking about in an alien land. The largest Shiva Lingam in nepal, temple of Ram , numerous store sculptures, small stupas, shiva lingams, more can be observed in this Ghat area. Visiting this place in the early morning is recomanded. One can observe how a day begins for a religious traditional Newar in Bhaktapur.

Nava Durga Temple
Ffrom a religous point of view, the shrine of Nava Durga the nine manifestations fo Goddess Durga has a high place in Bhaktapur. Nava Durga is also the combination of nine protective mother Goddess of the city. The three storied shrine which lies in Kwathando-4, Bhaktapur also popular for the its elaborately carved windows and doors. It seems huge crowd of devotees during Dashain (October), the greatest festival of Hindu in nepal. A wood carved window and the nothern facade displays the Chariot of Bhairav which has its own importance and significance.


Kanchu-Pukha located to the south of the Dattatrya square is one of hte most amazing architectural pond. The unique improtance of the pond lies in the fact that it perfectly displays the image of the Nayatapolea Temple. Despite being situated at the distance of over 500m from the temple and densely packed tall houses standing between them, the beautiful reflection can still be viewed and enjoyed.

Wakupati Narayan temple

At a little distance on teh eastern side of the Dattatraya Square, a loverly specimen in the metalwork, the Wokupati Narayan Temple is enclosed within a stone paved coutyard. This two sotried pagoda style temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu dates back to 1667 AD. No where else other than here would one see four Garudas, the bird vehicle of Lord Vishnu, at a single place in a row.

The Art Gallery
The Art Gallery contains ancient paintings belonging to the Hindu and Buddhist traditions of various periods and descriptions. The gallery is particularly famous among researchers on Hinduism and Buddhism.

The Statue of King Bhupatindra Malla
This statue depicts King Bhupendra Malla in the act of worship and is located on a column facing the palace. This is considered the most magnificent statue among the many statues in the squares.

This is the most famous pagoda of Nepal, which was built in 1702 A.D by Bhupatendra Mala. This temple was dedicated to Siddhilaxmi, the tantric mother goddess of supreme power. Nyatapola in Newari means a five tiered symbolizing five basic elements - water, earth, fire, wind and sky.

Pashupati Temple
According to a folklore, a Bhaktapur native who was a great devotee of Lord Pashupati, had a dream in which lord Shiva told him to build a temple for him so that he could move into it. He obeyed this command and thus the temple came into existence.

Vatsala Temple
This 17th century stone temple, dedicated to a mother goddess, is full of intricate works on stone.

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